How Old Is Your Hot Water Tank?

Like most homes in the newer part of Sandy Hill, ours is 8 1/2 years old. The average life span of a tank now a days is 8-10 years and most of us that live here are going to be looking at replacing our tanks fairly soon. Well, we waited too long and awoke to no hot water and this leaky tank. When we finished our basement a few years ago our plumber noticed that our drip tray was rotten so we replaced it for a bigger and better one. Thank goodness or we would have woken up to a much bigger mess. We also installed a 2nd tank to accommodate the suite and the additional people. With that 2nd tank we installed bypass valves not thinking we would ever need them but had them just in case. Good thing our plumber recommended the 2nd tank because all it took was 2 minutes to switch the valves over to bypass the leaky tank and voila we had hot water again. This allowed us to schedule a tank replacement with our plumber without any stress or panic. If you haven’t had a look at your tank lately I would highly recommend it. I hope our experience and preventative measures will be of some benefit to you our neighbours. If you are in need of a plumber recommendation feel free to contact me, I know a great honest one, fully qualified with reasonable rates.